Big Changes to Bring You More Support

Greetings V-Lean Member!

The beginning of a new year is a fabulous time for reflecting and determining new goals and pathways. We are here to fully embrace all this year has to offer you.  To bring you the best support and guidance to your weight loss and healthy journey, we are kicking off a new chapter within our V-Lean program.

First, we have a new online program coordinator, Anna Kiser, BSN-RN, who will be directly overseeing the content and interactions with you through our V-Lean online platform. We selected Anna for her passion for embracing a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same. She understands the struggles and frustrations of being committed to losing weight, how to successfully implement positive habits and the importance of loving yourself fully regardless of the number on the scale or the size of your jeans. Anna will be adding new content regularly and engaging with you to help you reach your customized goals.

Secondly, our V-Lean Access Membership tiers are changing to offer more interactions and support to you. We will now offer Silver, Gold, and Platinum memberships at all new prices.  Below is a list of each membership tiers new special features:


  • Online access to V-Lean Weight lost program
  • Weekly blog addressing a new topic
  • Weekly healthy recipes
  • Weekly fitness tips
  • Weekly recommendations of articles, books, or podcast for success and motivation\
  • Price change to $29 per monthly 
  •  Access to our V-Lean Facebook group



  • All items listed in the Silver tier
  • 10% off on all V-Lean supplements and vitamins 
  • A weekly personal email to check in with you and discuss any questions, concerns, and provide direct encouragement and coaching 
  • Price change to $59 per monthly 



  • All items listed in the Gold tier
  • Personal Coaching (pick one):
    • weekly phone call 
    • Zoom call
    • In person meeting
  • Price is $99 per monthly 


We are so excited to implement all of these changes to bring more support, motivation and education in your journey to wellness.  Keep up the good work- you deserve it!

Your V-Lean Team





















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