Fall Renewal Protect Skin

Fall Renewal: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Laser Treatment for Sun Damage.

Fall Renewal: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Laser Treatment for Sun Damage.

Reduced Sun Exposure

One of the primary reasons fall is an excellent time for laser treatments is the decreased sun exposure. During the summer, it’s challenging to undergo laser procedures since your skin needs to be protected from direct sunlight post-treatment. Fall offers shorter daylight hours and milder sunlight, making it easier to protect your treated skin as it heals.

Fresher Skin for the Holidays

Fall is the perfect season to start preparing your skin for the upcoming holiday festivities. By addressing sun damage now, you can achieve a refreshed and youthful complexion just in time for family gatherings, parties, and holiday photos. Laser treatments can help you look your best during this busy season.

Skin Rejuvenation Takes Time

Laser treatments such as Virtue RF, Clear & Brilliant or CoolPeel for sun damage often require multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart for optimal results. Starting your treatments in the fall allows you to complete the necessary sessions and witness significant improvements in your skin’s tone and texture by winter or early spring.

Minimal Sun Sensitivity

After laser treatments, your skin may be sensitive to sunlight. In the fall, the lower UV index and cooler temperatures mean less time spent outdoors. This minimizes the risk of sunburn or further sun damage to your treated skin.

Enhanced Skin Healing

The cooler, drier air of fall is more conducive to the healing process after laser treatments. The reduced humidity levels can help prevent excessive sweating and potential infection, ensuring a smoother recovery.

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